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Microbial Evolution & Ecology

Investigation in microbial evolution & ecology represents a large part of the departmental research effort. Research performed includes the study of microbial community diversity in various natural and extreme environments. Recent research has focused on examining the ecological niches of microbes colonizing humans (the microbiome), with an emphasis on the influence of normal flora diversity on specific pathogens and polymicrobial diseases. 
A major research effort explores experimental models of evolutionary processes and computer simulation of evolution. Research is also underway in areas focusing on contribution of microbes to global change, microbial enzymology, biofilm architecture and physiology, bacterial cell-to-cell communication, and microbial biotechnology including bioremediation and conversion of biomass to fuels and other industrially important chemicals. 

Microbial Evolution & Ecology Faculty
Name Office Phone Email
Christoph C Adami. 2228E BPS (517) 884-5068 adami@msu.edu
Sarah Evans KBS Academic Bldg 341 (269) 671-2340 evanssa6@msu.edu
Robert Hausinger 6193 BPS (517) 884-5404 hausinge@msu.edu
Kazem Kashefi 6191 BPS (517)884-5402 kashefi@msu.edu
Lee R. Kroos 422 Biochem (517) 355-9726 kroos@msu.edu
Sarah Lebeis 286 PSMS (517) 353-0120 lebeissa@msu.edu
Richard E. Lenski 6177 BPS (517) 884-5397 lenski@msu.edu
Gemma Reguera 6190 BPS (517) 884-5401 reguera@msu.edu
Matthew Schrenk 144 Nat Sci (517) 884-7966 schrenkm@msu.edu
Claire Vieille 6172 BPS (517) 884-5392 vieille@cns.msu.edu
Nina Wale 6178 BPS (517) 884-5398 walenina@msu.edu