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Genomics & Genetics

Genomics & genetics is a broad area of research and training in the department that covers a range of topics from the virus to the eukaryote. The research on genome sequencing and mapping extends from the avian genome, to the nematode genome, and to many bacterial genomes. Faculty are investigating the hereditary diseases of animals and humans with an eye toward tracking down genes that cause disease or that are missing in genetic diseases and conditions. Additionally, the evolution of bacterial pathogenesis is under study, as well as the study of evolutionary mechanisms using bacterial model systems and virtual organisms. Other faculty are studying the use of virus vectors containing human genes to correct genetic diseases.


Genomics & Genetics Faculty
Name Office Phone Email
Gregory Bonito 3270 MPS  (517) 884-6958  bonito@msu.edu
Joan Rose 15 Nat Res (517) 432-4412 rosejo@msu.edu
Brian Schutte 5162 BPS (517) 884-5346 schutteb@msu.edu
Vilma Yuzbasiyan-Gurkan 5172 BPS (517) 884-5351 yuzbasiyan@cvm.msu.edu
Yu Zhang 5176 BPS (517) 884-5355 yzhang22@msu.edu