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In the Department of Microbiology, Genetics, & Immunology:

  • We strive to educate ourselves about diversity, and through our informed resolutions and actions, to promote inclusive excellence in our Department, at MSU, and in the scientific community at large.  

  • We commit to actively listen to one another, and to respond with respect, empathy, and openness. We strive to focus on impact, rather than intent, in our interactions with others in the department.

  • We understand that when individuals come from different backgrounds, they bring different ideas and perspectives. We respect diverse perspectives, and we encourage individuals to share their culture, experiences, and values as they see fit.

  • We promote cultural, personal, and individual expression that contribute to meaningful interaction and dialogue. In so doing, we strive for a welcoming work community that is culturally informed.

  • We acknowledge our unconscious biases, and we strive continually to examine and overcome them. 

  • When recruiting new faculty, staff, postdocs, and students, we strive for openness and fairness by engaging in thoughtful discussions within the relevant group (e.g., search committee, individual lab team). We seek diverse applicant pools, and we provide multiple levels of applicant review, in an effort to reduce any one person's subconscious biases that may be at play in the decision-making process.

  • We aim to do our best to be kind and generous in our interactions with everyone, including those with different careers, aspirations, backgrounds, and experiences.

  • We acknowledge that we are human beings who will sometimes make mistakes that we can learn from and thereby correct.

  • We take time to make sure that people’s work and efforts are appreciated. We give credit to all those who participate in a project.

  • We strive to not rush decisions to allow people to voice their opinions and feelings. We try to avoid simplifying complex issues and to avoid using either/or language.

  • We strive to identify defensiveness and its link to fear in our reactions, and we work to overcome defensiveness to bring about change in our structures.

  • We accept that there are many ways to reach the same goal. We work on noticing when other people do things differently and how those different ways might improve our approach.

  • We do not use how a person raises a hard issue as a reason to not address that issue.

All members of MGI are encouraged to participate in DEI activities organized by the various Colleges (CHM, CNS, COM, CVM) and the University. The following resources may be useful: 

In particular, the MSU GRIT (Graduate Recruitment Initiative Team) is a fantastic resource. GRIT at MSU was created by graduate students out of the need for a more diverse and inclusive graduate student community at Michigan State University.